Why am I receiving an error when I try to upload my agenda?

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If you are receiving an error when you upload your agenda the dashboard will list the reasons for the errors row by row. Please read the error list, correct and try uploading again. If you continue to experience issues uploading please contact your customer support specialist or email us at support@whova.com. 

Some common errors are the following:

1- No header found: In the Agenda Excel Template that we provide for you on the dashboard there are 25 rows of instructions and examples. These must stay on the excel for a successful upload. Please do not remove any of these rows. Instead you can simply plug in/paste your agenda information starting on row 26 and on. This is also caused by saving the file in an excel file format that is too old. Saving it as an xlsx file is safest.

2- Disconnect between the Speakers in the Agenda Sheet and the Speakers in the Speakers sheet: You will notice at the bottom of the Agenda Excel Template that there are 3 sheets (i.e. Agenda, Speaker, and personalized). On your Agenda sheet there is a column for speakers. Any speakers you list on the Agenda sheet must also reflect on the Speaker sheet. This is for formatting and profile purposes only. Please note spelling between the two sheets. A common error is having the speaker's name spelled differently on one sheet compared to the other.

3- In the Speakers column of the Agenda sheet, Speakers must be separated with with a semicolon ";".


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