How can exhibitors start setting up their booths before I publish the event?

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In order to let your Exhibitors know they can start working in their booths you can send out the Exhibitor Profile Reminder. The Exhibitor Profile reminder will contain each Exhibitor’s Personal Link through which they can add information to their Exhibitor profile.

To send out the Exhibitor Reminder email in bulk, please access:

Content > Exhibitor center > Exhibitor manager > Exhibitor profile reminder > Email Link to Exhibitors


To send out the Exhibitor Profile Reminder email to a specific Exhibitor, please access:

Content > Exhibitor Center > Exhibitor Manager > Choose Sponsor > Action > Email Exhibitor


Note: If your event has not been published, your Exhibitors will be able to fill out information via the routes above but will not be able to preview or access their booths until the event is published.

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