What is the difference between Connect with Stripe and Whova Payout?

Whova Support
Whova Support
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With Connect with Stripe, you'll be able to use your Stripe login to connect for the payout, receive funds in your Stripe account immediately, and be able to move the funds from your Stripe account to your bank account on demand.

  • Note: As a new Stripe Standard account is created for you, your payout schedule will be set to manual payouts by default. For assistance on changing your payout schedule to automatic, please check this guide from Stripe.


With Whova Payout, you won't have to create your own Stripe account. However, you will receive 50% of your ticket funds two weeks after the event has concluded and the other 50% one month after the event has ended.

  • Note: Be on the lookout for an email from Payout@whova.com 14 days after your event has concluded or reach out to us at that email address if you have not heard from us.

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