How can I download and use this app on a Blackberry/Windows phone?

In order to use the Whova app on a Blackberry or Windows phone you will need a specific web link for your event. Please contact your event organizers for the link. If they cannot provide it, you can reach out to us at and ask us for the link. You just need to let us know the name of the event, and the email address you used to register for this event. After verifying you are a part of your event, we can give you the link.

Please note that by using the web version of the app you will not be able to utilize networking features such as messaging, exploring the attendee list, scanning and exchanging business cards etc. These features are only available on our Android and iOS apps currently.

If you are the Event Organizer, you can find that to share to your attendees in your dashboard under Tools > App Adoption > Web App Link.

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