How do I upload the attendee list?

There are many ways to add an attendee list to your app. You can manually add attendees in the "Attendees" tab of your dashboard and then clicking the "Add an Attendee" button. 

If you would like to bulk upload attendees, you can click on the "Import Attendees" button; your options to bulk upload attendees are detailed below: 

  • You can download the Whova attendee list excel template, add your attendee information directly to that spreadsheet, and then upload it to the dashboard. 

  • If you already have a list of attendees saved as an Excel spreadsheet but in your own custom format, you can select to import an attendee list with a flexible format. The dashboard will then assist you in transferring the information.  

  • If you are an Eventbrite or RegOnline user, you can directly sync your list of registrants from Eventbrite or RegOnline to the Whova dashboard. Whova will sync with your event registration website every day so you don't have to worry about attendees registering after you upload your attendee list. 






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