How do I send announcements to my attendees?

Admins can send announcements to their attendees via the dashboard or the mobile app. Sending an announcement to your attendees will send them an in-app message as well as an email copy of your announcement to ensure that they have received it. 

To send an announcement from the dashboard, you can go to the "Tools" tab and then the "Announcements" section. On that page, you can click the "Compose" button to begin drafting your announcement. You will have the option to choose which group (category) of attendees to receive the announcement, and you can also save it as a draft or send it. 

Additionally, by using the "Advanced Settings" on the announcement editor window, you can choose to only send the announcement to signed-in app users, and to not send an email copy of the announcement to signed-in app users. You can also choose to schedule the announcement so that it will send automatically at some point during your event. 





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