Can sponsors have varied types of visibility and exposure?

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Whova Support

Absolutely! Sponsors can enjoy varying levels of visibility and exposure tailored to their importance and sponsorship tier. As the organizer, you have the flexibility to categorize, organize, and display sponsors according to their level of significance.

You can strategically position company banners in specific locations such as the Home or Agenda pages in the mobile app to provide targeted exposure. This includes selecting where banners appear and determining the duration for which each logo is displayed.

Additionally, you can extend on the locations where your sponsors will be placed with the advanced sponsor banner option. If you wish to do so, you can have certain sponsors display on high traffic locations across the platform such as your event announcements, registration landing page, and more.

To further enhance sponsor exposure, sponsors can utilize outreach campaigns. This feature empowers sponsors to craft personalized messages for attendees, including essential information, logos, and overall branding. Such targeted communication can significantly increase impact and garner greater acknowledgment from attendees.

Some events may offer higher visibility as a premium feature, available as an additional add-on or exclusively to higher-paying tiers.

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