How do I set up the floor map?

To set up the Floor Map, you must:

1. Access the dashboard's “Configure App" section and then select "Set up Floor Map."


2. The floor map editor window will then appear. Upload your floor map image in the section that reads "Click to Upload Floor Map." (Keep in mind that the floor map must be uploaded in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png format and must be at least 600 pixels by 600 pixels in size).


3. After your map has been uploaded successfully, you will be able to add locations to your location list in the left hand side of the floor map editor window and then click the pin icon next to the location name to drop it on the map. After the pin is dropped on the map, it will appear in your app under the Logistics Resource Label as a clickable item. 



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    Banks, Joseph

    Floor Map is now located under "Configure App" as seen below.

    "Logistics" is only for adding text and links under "Event Content." 

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