What is the Social Wall and how do I utilize this feature?

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The Social is a very fun and interactive way to engage your attendees at your event and drive action; it can display upcoming agenda sessions, sponsors, photos, and announcements on a screen or projector, and is driven by the content found in your event. 

You can set this up under Event Content > Social Wall > Social Wall Customization. Select the content you would like to appear in your slideshow and then use the link under Step 4 to share.

After the Slideshow is launched, it will update automatically so there is no reason to have to re-launch it or modify content in the EMS. After launching, you can hook your computer up to a separate screen or projector to display the contents of the slideshow to your audience. Note that new content will start appearing after 10 minutes.


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    Bob Spencer

    How often does this refresh?   I'm testing it, updated the announcement and sent a tweet.  The tweet took about 5 min to come through, the announcement has not yet.

    Also, is there any way to moderate the slideshow.  We want to remove 1 announcement from the screen, but not disable the announcements on the slideshow.  Can we?


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