How do I use the dashboard to generate name badges for my attendees?

You can generate the name badges under Attendees > Name Badges.

First select your name badge Source. When generating the name badges, it can pull the information from your Attendee List, or from a separate list you can import.

Using the second option, "Import your own list with custom fields" will allow you to add additional information that is not limited in the attendee list. Ex: Our attendee list profiles does not have a specific "Food Preference" section. You can import this in our "custom fields" option to include in the badges. Simply click Import List to obtain the template you can use to import your separate list.


From there, you can modify the settings of your name badges, including size, what items of information you want to include on them, and how they are sorted after being generated. When you are ready to create them, you can click on the
button and a PDF document containing your name badges will be generated for you to use and print 


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