What is the best way for my event presenters to effectively interact with attendees?

Whova Support
Whova Support

While each booth does already allow attendees to comment, there are many ways to support, facilitate, and encourage interaction between event presenters and attendees.

  • Encourage presenters to have a complete virtual booth: Through the “Artifact form” (a special form that collects information to sync to the Whova event app), presenters can add a video, handouts, and more to their booth. A compelling and complete virtual booth draws more attendees to the booth.
  • Set up a competition: As the organizer, you can set up an artifact competition in which you can invite sponsors/speakers or even all attendees as judges to rate and vote for best poster/pitches/arts. Doing this ensures that presenters are incentivized to upload quality and engaging materials, and have a chance for speakers/sponsors to engage with these presenters.
  • Facilitate 1-1 meetings: With the 1-1 Meeting Scheduler, you can facilitate 1-1 meetings between sponsors/investors with these presenters. These meetings are valuable for gathering feedback, establishing investor relations, conducting customer discovery, and networking with potential partners.

Presenters and attendees' interactions can go beyond the event end date. If you decide to allow presenters to set up poster profiles, they can continue to engage with attendees after the event is over. This is due the capability to keep material items available and presentations open as long as you have the event website accessible.

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