How do I encourage more people to register for my event?

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Whova Support

If you want to obtain people’s attention and excite them for your event, you can set up different options and perks to incentivize people to register: 

  1. Offer discount codes: As the organizer, you have the option to create discount codes for people to use. You can share these discount codes with a number of people in order to galvanize them to register. You can set code itself as well as the number of times it can be used.
  2. Offer group discounts: Setting up group tickets permits people to buy tickets in mass while offering them bundle discounts. The buyer can also obtain tickets without having certainty of who will attend. Tickets can be purchased first to take advantage of the discount and select the attendees later.
  3. Offer unique networking experiences: You can boost attendee registration by offering unique experiences or opportunities. For instance you can provide attendees the possibility to meet with VIP speakers through the one-on-one meeting scheduler. This can be a very appealing option for attendees seeking highlighted experiences during the event. Another special opportunity you can offer attendees is to speak with other attendees/peers utilizing the speed networking feature. By setting up this, your attendees can effectively connect with other people from the same field or with similar interests. Finally, you can stimulate interesting conversations for your attendees by setting up roundtables. If you enable this option you will allow a group of attendees to participate in a virtual roundtable and engage in valuable conversations.
  4. Offer early bird tickets: You can use early bird ticket pricing to allow people to obtain discounted tickets before general registration opens. With this option, you will be able to boost registration in an easy way. 
  5. Send retargeting campaigns: You can use the abandoned registration feature to recover “lost” ticket sales. With this option you can set up special campaigns to reach individuals who either began registering, entered their email address but exited before completing the process or remained idle for more than forty minutes.
  6. Leverage social media: You can obtain people’s attention on social media by setting up ready to use content and graphics. With these promotional images, you can catch social media users' interest and potentially persuade them to register for your event. Additionally, you are able to enable social sharing in order to allow registrants to also share these promotional images.

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