Can I offer a-la-carte options in Exhibitor Registration?

Whova Support
Whova Support

Absolutely!  Many events provided exhibitors additional opportunities to showcase their brand such as keynote sponsor, signage at event entrance, snack sponsorship, speaking opportunities, networking opportunities,  private meeting rooms and many others.  You can easily list them as add-on in exhibitor registration. 

In particular, Whova platform also has a few attractive features that have been used by thousands of events for their exhibitors:

  1. Set up a passport contest for attendees, incentivizing interaction with exhibitors to collect stamps and potentially win prizes. This boosts engagement and generates more leads for exhibitors.
  2. Provide higher-tier exhibitors the privilege of sending outreach campaigns. With this option you can assure that special exhibitors can enjoy particular exposure and have an effective personalized communication channel with attendees.
  3. Create an exhibitor add-on that allows attendees to schedule one-on-one meetings with qualified exhibitors. If you do this, you will be providing exhibitors with a unique chance to make a long-lasting impression on attendees while gaining valuable information.

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