After Exhibitors register, when and how can they start collecting leads?

Whova Support
Whova Support

Once the event app is published, exhibitors can start collecting leads immediately as attendees visit their virtual booth and share their contact information. Exhibitors can have booth staff members who will be responsible for scanning attendees’ QR codes during your event. They can do this by accessing the built-in lead scanner in the Whova app.  

If you enable the passport contest, this interaction will be given an extra boost during the event because exhibitors can obtain leads while attendees compete to collect stamps. The contest is an extra incentive for attendees to interact with exhibitors.

During the event, the exhibitors can also send outreach campaigns. This feature, which must be enabled by the organizers, allows exhibitors to send personalized campaigns to attendees. Through this special message, attendees can directly share their contact information, visit the exhibitor virtual profile, or start a group chat with the exhibitor booth staff.

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