How do I encourage potential sponsors to register for my event?

Whova Support
Whova Support

You can increase potential sponsors interest in the following ways:

  1. If you used Whova for your last event, you can showcase the number of impressions sponsors have received in your last event.  These stats can be easily found in the Whova post-event report, a 50-70 page document that reports stats in almost all aspects of your event.
  2. As the organizer, you can offer a variety of sponsorship tiers with different hierarchies in order to provide unique exposure to sponsors. Creating these tier options can help you offer certain sponsors additional features for a higher engagement with attendees. For example, you can allow sponsors to send individual messages to attendees by setting up outreach campaigns. Doing this can facilitate sponsor’s communication with attendees while maximizing their exposure. By creating different tiers you can also allow certain sponsors to have more banners throughout the app with the advanced sponsor banner feature. You can offer sponsors to have their logos displayed in additional highly visited places in the app.
  3. You can also set up a-la-carte sponsorships, with which you can provide sponsors with the opportunity to purchase a package created for specific purposes. For example, you can allow sponsors to have reception rooms, signage, logo or branding on event collateral and more. In these crafted packages, you can permit sponsors to meet with attendees in private conversations with attendees through the one-on-one meeting scheduler feature or include the option to set up outreach campaigns.

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