After Sponsors register, how do I showcase their logos in the app?

Whova Support
Whova Support

Once your sponsors have registered, you can showcase their logos in the following forms:

  1. You can set up sponsor banners with the sponsor tiering option. There you can select to showcase a logo in a particular session if the session in question is sponsored. Along with this, you can also select in what areas of the platform the logo banners will appear. On mobile, the possible opportunities are Home, Agenda, and profile pages. On the Web App, the rotating banner is always visible, no matter the page.
  2. If you wish to provide sponsors with crafted and more exclusive visibility, you can utilize the advanced sponsor banner option. With this choice, you can have sponsor banners displayed through the web app and even in emails, announcements or surveys. By providing sponsors with elite visibility, you can assure them effective and engaging exposure.

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