How does the payout process work?

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Whova Support
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Regardless of your elected Payout configuration, the payment processor for Whova's Registration platform will always be Stripe.

If you choose Connect with Stripe, you will manage your own account and be able to access your funds at any time and move them to your bank account on demand. You would be responsible for handling credit card disputes. Use your existing Stripe credentials to expedite the process.

  • Note: our system creates a new Stripe Standard sub-account for your event dashboard to make accounting for ticket sales easier.

If you choose Whova Payout, we will manage a Stripe account for you and you will be asked to link your bank account. Because Whova handles any credit card disputes and to ensure there is always a balance for refunds, you will receive 50% of the funds two weeks after the event ends, and the other 50% four weeks after the event.

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